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Couple looking at the sunset
Happy Couple on bridge looking at a lake
Happy couple walking
Couple enjoying fall folliage and lake view
Our mission is to help couples carve out quality time and maintain strong, healthy relationships even amidst all the demands and distractions of our modern, fast-paced world.


     Every relationship is unique. All CoupleTime Retreats are designed to celebrate and enhance each participating couple's unique qualities. It is more than a romantic getaway, which you could take on your own. The program is a guided adventure aimed to help you reach a deeper connection with your partner. The process begins from the moment you register to participate in this exciting journey. If you want to grow and develop ways to continue growing throughout your lives as individuals and as a couple, CoupleTime101: The Joy of Loving is for you. A mix of individual and small group activities will guide you to a deeper level of intimacy, friendship and commitment. 

How Strong Is Your Relationship?

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