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Say Cheese All Day, Keep The Therapist Away

Say Cheese Bits

Everyone knows the saying, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." I know it may seem ironic that a psychologist would suggest that saying cheese would keep the therapist away, but if is successful I hope it will help prevent couples from needing to see therapists. Don't get me wrong, I am a staunch believer in psychotherapy to help couples overcome crisis in their relationships. However, Melissa and I decided to develop as preventative medicine for healthy couples to enhance their relationships. The weekly tips here will be easy to follow recipes to keep you and your soulmate satisfied, happy and connected. The first recipe is an appetizer, Say Cheese Bits. Read on to get the recipe...


Say Cheese Bits

Preparation Time: 1 second

Ingredients: 2 lips

2 eyes

You and your partner

Directions: As often as you can, whenever you see your partner, look them in the eye and remember to "say cheese." I'm not sure how or when, but someone realized that when you say the word "cheese" you automatically smile. What we have also learned in the field of positive psychology is that universally, around the world, when someone smiles at us, we tend to smile back, even at strangers. Smiling has also been found to makes us feel good since it triggers endorphins which enhance our mood.

Alternative preparation: Say Cheese Bits Surprise

Start serving this appetizer to your partner as frequently as you can. Don't tell them about this experiment. If you notice a change in your relationship that results, we'd love to hear how it impacted on your relationship. Share a picture of you and your partner's results in a selfie on our blog or Facebook page. Enjoy!

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