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Need An Intimacy Boost? Prepare Our Recipe for a Love Martini

The Joy of Loving Relationships Soulmate's Cookbook: Love Martini

I must admit that as a psychologist, when Melissa sent me the photo for today's recipe, I was a bit worried. I spend too much time in my practice helping families battle the impact of alcoholism to have ever written about martinis on my blog, The Wake Up and Dream Catalyst. However, when I looked at this recipe, it became clear that this martini needs no alcohol to produce the desired effect of intimacy, joy and pleasure. You can serve this Love Martini as often as you like without worries of addiction. read on for the recipe...


Love Martini

Prep Time: Make a date with your partner for a few hours of quality CoupleTime


  • 1 oz of Excitement

  • 2 oz of tenderness

  • 4 oz of passion

  • 4 oz of sexy feelings

  • Several pinches of tender touch

  • Your best glasses


Fill a shaker with cool tenderness. Pour in excitement with thoughts about a long, sustaining future. Add in sexy feelings and passion. Shake all the ingredients together till you leave your stressors behind.

While pouring the martini, strain out any interfering thoughts and watch your partner’s expression of joy. Garnish with your tender touch.

Enjoy sharing the sweetness of the moment with your partner

Sometimes we need to leave the cares and responsibilities of the world behind, to clear our minds in order to enjoy fulfilling intimacy. Giving yourself permission to focus on the physical connection with your partner is a great gift for both of you. Relax, unwind, and get high on connecting with your partner.

If you find this post helpful, please share it on social media with your friends. We'd also love to hear how this recipe helped you and your partner reconnect after a difficult day!

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