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CoupleTime 101: The Joy of Loving

October 16 - 19,  2016

Couple on top of LOVE
Couple watching fireworks finding passion
Did you know that the average married couple only gets four minutes of alone time daily with their partner?
Are you content in your relationship, but miss the excitement and passion you used to have?
Work, children, TV, internet surfing, hobbies, home maintenance and family responsibilities get in the way of quality time.
Multigenerational Family Gathering
Parents of two teenage kids
Mom's Taxi Service Van
Wheel of Family Obligations Career Bills Home education
Man Under Stress
Woman Wondering About Life
Do you love your partner, but feel like 2 ships passing
in the night?
Have your routines become predictable and boring?
Despite having a great partner, children, careers and home, do you wonder whether, ”Is this is all there is?"
Does "happily ever after” seem to be reserved for fairy tales but not for you?
Are you constantly putting your happiness on hold like a distant dream?
Fairy Tale Castle
Do you question how happy power couples weather the challenges of life without losing the spice and attraction that brought them together in the first place? 
Happily Committed Couple
Couple Dancing
Over 50 years working with couples in marital therapy and (200) knowledge from current research on happiness have taught’s founders these essential love lessons. We know that these principles can help transform your relationship from from so-so for now to ever after happily. 
They Don't Teach Love Lessons in School
        If you’re in a committed relationship and want to go from good to exceptional, there are tools that can help you.
The secrets of happily committed relationships aren’t taught in school or growing up in a world plagued by an over 50% divorce rate.
Dr. Barbara Lavi, Psychologist, Author
Melissa Glaser, MS Licensed Professional Counselor
Nationally renowned Psychologist and author, Dr. Barbara Lavi, and couple’s counselor, Melissa Glaser, MS, LPC have designed a series of innovative adventures to teach couples how to revitalize their relationships.
Early Bird Registration is open for CoupleTime 101: The Joy of Loving, October 16 - 19, 2016, at the 5 star Winvian Farm in Morris CT. 

CoupleTime 101: The Joy of Loving

Couple Holding Heart Sign for CoupleTime 101: The Joy of Loving Retreat

October 16 - 19, 2016

Morris CT

What: A Luxurious All-Inclusive Indulgent Retreat Designed To Teach You Simple Love Lessons That Will Last A Lifetime. 

     Picture you and your partner enjoying a luxury resort experience like no other. Together with a select group of adventurous couples you will explore Winivan Farm. Conde Nast Traveler 2/28/2016 named Winvian "the most romantic getaways in the United States." Winvian's one hundred thirteen acres of heaven on earth will be the backdrop for activities designed to recharge your relationships. Relax in a lighthearted oasis of peace, comfort and Five-Star Fine Dining in the Litchfield Hills of Connecticut, where fires are bright, sleep tranquil, and the mind is free to play. There will be a mix of private time for you and your partner and fun activities to delve into the secrets of happily committed couples.

     A gracious, 1775 manor stands at the heart of Winvian Farm’s historic estate, while 18 individually-designed resort cottages and the Hadley Suite on the threshold of woodlands and meadows let Winvian’s guests experience the unexpected – a night in a treehouse, a greenhouse or a musical conservatory – a most splendid getaway. Bikes wait by every cottage door for roaming the grounds, or walk the winding paths and awaken the senses in Winvian Farm’s glorious organic gardens.

Couple Exploring Winvian Farm by Bike
Luxurious Winvian Farm Library Cottage
Luxurious Winvian Farm Charter Oak Cottage Bedroom
Unique archetecturally designed living room in one of Winwian Farm's Cottages brings the outdoors inside

     Our staff, Dr. Barbara Lavi and Melissa Glaser, MS, LCP, will guide you and an intimate group of couples through fun activities based on cutting edge research and clinical experience working with couples to help you: 

  •  rediscover your attraction to you partner,

  •  enhance the friendship and uniqueness of your relationship,

  •  maintain your commitment  to your partnership, and 

  •  learn the secrets of happy lasting relationships.

Couple enjoying nature

The all-inclusive retreat includes:

  • Three farm to table gourmet meals and two healthy snacks daily

  • Luxurious accommodations in unique themed cottages                                   (Register early 1st come 1st served to choose your favorite cottage) 

  • A Welcome Cottage Hop to introduce you to the spectacular setting combined with activities to get to know the select group of couples sharing this trasformational journey

  • A Couple's cooking class where you will learn aphrodesiac recipes from the staff of Winvian Farm’s renowned Five-Star Farm-to-Table Restaurant

  • In the luxury Spa you learn how to please your partner in a couple's massage class, then practice the techniques in the privacy of your luxurious cottage and be prepared to use them at home.

  • Romantic dinner and dancing followed by a Bon Fire to warm up your fall escape

  • Develop Your Personal Dream Posisitoning System (DPS) to guide you and your partner to a life filled with your dreams and aspirations

  • Love Is A Verb Exercises throughout the retreat designed to take your relationship to the next level

  • Each couple will leave the retreat with action plans & a book, The Joy Of Loving Relationships, The Soulmate's Cookbook, to keep you growing and sustain the lessons learned over the course of the retreat.

Elegant Gourmet Dining porch at Winvian Farm, Morris CT
The Spa at Winvian Farm, Morris CT
Couple walking the paths on over 113 acres at Winvian Farm, Morris CT
When: Sunday - Tuesday, October 16 - 19, 2016
Where: Winvian Farm, Morris CT
Who: A select group of seven to fifteen adventurous power couples ready to share fun activities that will lead to personal growth and a deeper loving relationship. Sign up early since space is limited (6 - 14 couples) and the cottages will be assigned on a 1st come/1st served basis. All registrants will speak privately with one of the relationship experts to make sure this program will suit your needs. 
Collage of Happy Couples
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